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Is there any reason why you would hold the engine at 2000rpm and full throttle for 1 - 2 min. before each ramp run? Could this hurt the engine ?

you mean 1-2 seconds, right?

No ... probably closer to 1 min. What I saw happening was, it would be locked down to 2000rpm like you would do for steady state and then hold at full throttle, boost would be about 2psi .... then it would let off the throttle and the dyno reset to start the ramp run from 1900rpm.

This sequence would happen every ramp run.

Perhaps the dyno operator was waiting for some other parameter to stabilize (oil temp, water temp, dyno fluid temp, etc) - in order to be able to compare results under the same conditions. I don't have a problem holding the engine steady-state at any throttle position as long as there is no sign of knock/detonation.

It shouldn't be necessary to settle a car for 1 minute and I can't really see a scenario where you'd want to. All you're trying to achieve is to make sure that the temps are stabilised before starting a run to ensure as much run to run consistency as you can - This normally takes no more than 10 seconds at most.

What's the engine and vehicle? Is the operator specifically checking for something at 2000rpm or is it just stabilizing?

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