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Practical Standalone Tuning

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At the 4 minute mark, its mentioned that the boost pressure must be set to minimum when tuning initially and then gradually increased as we increase our MAP and load. How do we control our boost pressure or how do we set our boost pressure system to run at the minimum boost pressure achievable on a pneumatically actuated wastegate if there is no boost controller? Can we just soften the spring setting on the wastegate armature such that is opens at the lowest possible boost pressure and does not allow it to build boost at all?

On the newer MoTec series, are cars with electronic wastegates able to have their boost pressure set by a configurable setting in the MoTec ECU? If not, how would a modern turbocharged car have their boost pressure electronically manipulated on a standalone ECU?

Can I still use an ECU with the electronic boost setting option on a car that runs a pneumatic wastegate?

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