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Reason for MAP tuning on ITB?

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Hello everyone! It's awesome that i can ask every question i have here! My today's question is related to motorcycles which usually have ITB and usually tuned by changing values in TPS*RPM map. But, stock ECU has MAP*RPM tables also and, so we can adjust them. In what cases MAP*RPM tables should be adjusted except from adding turbocharger? If it's full exhaust was installed on ITB engine should MAP*RPM table should be tuned or TPS*RPM table adjusting is just enough?

Thank you, guys!

Hmmm, it seems that everybody went to holidays))

OEMs do things for two reasons. Drive-ability or Emissions.

If reflashing you need to understand the fueling model (ie, what the operating condition of the engine -- which table is in use), and tune the appropriate table.

Thank you for reply! Both MAP and TPS maps are using simultaneously. Try to understand when MAP*RPM fuel map is corrected if TPS*RPM used for load usually on ITB.

Here is an approach to improve your understanding...

Try changing one of them by 10% at a particular load/RPM. What is the result on the Lambda? What happens if you change the other?

Repeat that test for a few different sites to understand what the ECU is doing with the two tables. I expect there is some kind of blend table (perhaps not exposed by the reflash software) that tells the the percentage of each table to use.

If you are trying to fix a fueling problem at one site, I would just add the same % change to each table, then regardless of what the blend was you might have the correct fuel.