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After taking EFI tuning fundamentals, understanding AFR, practical standalone tuning, boost control, and flex fuel tuning I feel like I am well prepared to fine tune my engine on a dyno. ( I have already tuned everything that I could on the road).

I am renting a dyno on April 16th where I will be tuning my ecumaster black on my Toyota mr2 turbo. What are some of the things I should be prepared to do right as I get there to ensure I have the correct inputs outputs connected to the dyno for proper tuning?

Ultimately I am looking to fine time my ignition tables to reach MBT. Based on my understanding I will want to use the torque feature on the dyno but I am assuming I need some sort of output from my ecu to the dyno to be able to log timing compared to torque.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, there is no need to connect your ECU data to the dyno many dynos to not have the software to do this as long as you can live watch the torque and the dyno can hold a steady-state you can move the timing up and down to see MBT. while listening for knock thu a good system (like link knock ear muffs or plex type,)

Thank you, that's helpful.

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