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Road/dyno 500 rpm increments

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi, when you ramp run with 500 rpm increments , iss it the dyno that set it like that or you change your rev limiter in the software...

I mean, if i Street tune my car, can i use the rev limiter table. For exemple 5000, then 5500 , 6000 etc in order not to go in the untuned areas ?

Hope my question will be understood. Thanks

Load is always defined by an outside source (physics/dyno).

Do not use your rev limiter to tune on the street, if you absolutely need independent load to tune a cell in a safe manner, left foot braking is your friend. For lower speed/load things depending on how your hand brake is configured it can also be very useful as a constant LIGHT load source.

Thanks for your answer mate but I m not sure if u understood me good or vice versa

In Other words, to replicate a ramp run on the Street, can i use the rev limit

For example my car is turbo with 0.6bar of boost and it is tuned till 4500rpm.

Set rev limiter for eg 5500rpm and then floor it from 2000 to 5500rpm once tuned, set rev limiter to 6000 floor it again. Etc etc till i achieve my target limiter ie 7200rpm

no need to set the rev limiter -- just lift your foot when you get to 5500, if you go over slightly, you'll just gain insight into the direction the next higher cells will need to go.

As simple as this, ok thanks ;)