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RX7 FD3S - Ignition Break up

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I'm starting to see a pattern during my road tuning. It looks like 3rd gear is fine but 4th gear there seems to be a loss of power due to ignition breakup as my afr suddenly shoot rich. I'm running haltech igna coils. Not sure if its something to do with my wiring or if the coils themselves are faulty? I'm not sure why 3rd gear pulls strong and 4th is like hitting a wall...any help or insight appreciated. Despite the handicap it completed a 100-200 in 7.84s.

At the top end of 4th i can smell some kind of screen wash/coolant kinda smells...but I havent lost any coolant or engine compression. I am using 1 bottle of klotz octane booster along with 100:1 ratio of premix into the fuel.



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If you'd like, post up the map. May be as simple as dwell settings, may not be.

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