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RX7 FD3S Link G4+ Fuel Modelled Equation.

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I have completed the rotary worked example for the adaptronic example which follows a VE fuel table.

With a link G4+ ECU is this the same as the modelled fuel equation with the injection mode set to seq/staged?

Many Thanks,


hello Pat yes it is

Thank you Ross, Just to clarify I can use the modelled fuel equation with the link ecu and once i've tuned the fuel and ignition tables, Like Andre shows in the rotary tuning video, I can than change the AFR targets and the new modelled fuel equation should track the new lambda target table thereby making it easier to manipulate how lean/rich the tuner chooses to tune the car?

Just want to confirm the link ecu with the modelled fuel equated will target the new afr lambda targets table like the adaptronic ecu does in the worked example by Andre?

Even if using the Link Traditional fuel equation the measured lambda will follow a change in target lambda (assuming "open loop lambda table" option is turned on).

Thank you I did not know the traditional fuel table did that. I will test it tomorrow on the dyno.

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