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RX7 FD3S Link G4+ Traditional fuel equation and afr tracking.

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Good Afternoon,

I have fully mapped a rx7 on a Traditional fuel table. I have open loop lambda set to on in the fuel main. As the fuel table is now fully dialled in; if I change the afr target will the link ecu do the heavy lifting and try to target my new afr?

For eg I have mapped 17.5psi at 10.75 afr, if i change the afr target table at 17.5 psi to say 10.9afr or go richer to 10.5 afr will the link ecu track to the new targets?

Kind regards,


not really no is the best answer i can give there it will adjust it but i have found it is closish but never correct so do it with caution

Thank you, would changing to a ve table on the link ecu solve this? or would it be the same on a ve table as well? as in once ve table is fully tuned if a change is made to afr target will the ecu track to the new targets?

Provided your deadtimes are accurate then changing the lambda target will result in a matching relative change in measured lambda. Traditional or Modeled mode.

Thanks Adam.

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