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Setting Base Ignition Timing - Pre Startup

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In Reference to this lesson.

"By adjusting the Ignition Offset in the ECU, you can get the timing mark to match the Ignition Advance in the ECU. " Do you mean, as we adjust the Ignition Offset value, we will move the Timing Mark we see on the Timing light to meet the Ignition Timing Check Mode value of 10 BTDC as per the CRIP test Screenshot?

"We can add or subtract, 360 degrees to the Crank Offset" Do you mean the Ignition Offset? is Crank offset and Ignition Offset the same thing?

Yes, as we adjust the offset in the ECU we will see the timing mark we are watching with the timing light move. The aim is to adjust the offset until the actual timing we are watching matches what the laptop says.

When adding or subtracting 360 degrees, I'm referring to the ignition offset. Understand that every ECU manufacturer has slightly different terminology for this.

yea, your right about that!

Hey listen, what about the Haltech. Seems setting ignition is not as good as the motec. the ignition seems to be set correctly car runs fine etc, but i get an Trigger error, once everytime the car is started or shut off.

I am using the Ross Kit (24-1), with GT101's.

Could it be simply more fine tuning of the timing in smaller increments untill the errors stop?