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Should the fuel offsets be deactivated?

Practical Standalone Tuning

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For fuel adjustment should all the compensations be deactivated: (baro trim, acceleration enrichment, IAT Trim .... etc) ??

is the fuel setting similar to the idle setting where you have to disable all closed loop corrections?



It depends. Normally coolant and air temp corrections are not a factor while tuning, because you are careful to work in the range where there are no corrections. Barometric correction is standard and needs to be enabled particularly if you are not near sea level (can't image you have that problem).

Typically you do want to disable closed loop fuel trims, but you should not have to disable acceleration enrichments as you will be working as close to steady state as possible and these should not be active.

Hope that helps.

ok thanks, yes that helps me a lot.

I made a preset using the method used in the course

when hitting the road (even during steady state) i found that there was very little difference between the target lamba and the actual lambda itself. I found it strange! I remembered that I had nothing to disable in the offsets so I thought it was a mistake.