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Six individual CAN lambda

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I'm looking at running six lambda probes JUST for dyno tuning.

I was trying to keep the cost down (and time) and keep things simple by having one module that can handle the six lambda probes, and run them through a logging program on a separate laptop and then on my other laptop I can be connected to Link or Motec or whatever as normal. What I don't want to do is have to worry about connecting all six to the ECU via CAN and then add channels to view them every time.

Is there a module out there that can handle more than one or two lambdas at a time that is CAN? And a logging program that can be viewed in real time and record?



AEM and Avio race both offer 4 channel lambda to CAN modules.

I can't speak for the Link (Adam would be the one to comment on this) but the extra 2-3 minutes to connect a multi channel lambda to can on a MoTeC (particularly M1) you will save 10x the time having the data in the time graph in M1 Tune over trying to work out lambdas on a second laptop (which you would need the lambda to share can with the ecu so you have target lambda, engine speed etc etc to reference the lambdas against. If you just have 4 lambdas with no other data reference, it will be hard to accurately and effectively tune. In that instance you would need all the lambdas to feed into the dyno for instance.


Thanks for the reply

I agree with connecting to the ECU would be my preference, but for me its not a 2 min job to connect to CAN (one day it might be). I've always got a single lambda up the tail pipe which is connected to the dyno screen and most have one lambda on each bank connected to the ECU. Your right, I think the overlays would be good on power runs, but in steady state I can't see the accuracy being any different, just me making changes on one screen and seeing the changes happen on the other.

What I'm dealing with and what I have dealt with is the M1, M600, DTA, SCS Delta, Link, ECU Master and its not always a quick job to connect to the CAN on different cars and then setup the logging before I start.

It was just a thought if there was such a product that could handle six lambdas and be used along side.

Does your dyno not take CAN inputs?

The best option I can think of if you want a standalone device that can log & display 6 Lambda devices via CAN would be one of the low cost ECU's with decently flexible CAN like a Link Atom, possibly Maxx mini etc. Or a Motec L120 or older secondhand ADL/SDL/CDL etc (you cant record directly to harddrive as far as I remember but could log to flash). Possibly devices like the Plex VMU900 or USDM102 would be worth investigating.

My dyno does take CAN but wouldn't be able to customise it to take the six lambdas.

That does sound like a plan using an old ECU. I will have a look into those other devices as well.

Thanks for your help guys.

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