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Stalling issue when throttle blip/ decel idle control

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I have been watching the vids on tuning the vw corrado 1.8t plug and play link g4+. I have the exact same ECU in a AUDI S3 with a very similar setup.

I am more used to tuning haltech ecu systems rather than link, I am looking for a decal table for idle control as in the elite software you can set how much extra in % you want and for how long it will apply for, also long for it to be taken away to stabilise idle control. My issue is when blipping throttle engine just drops to low and will a lot of the time stall. My question is does how does the link ecu control this?

My fuel and ignition is all fine, also i have it running it in open loop idle to try and stop it stalling, also have wideband disabled just incase.

It sounds to me like your base idle position table is set too low. You can also see this effect if you have a very large plenum chamber volume which can be tricky to get around. There isn't specifically a decay parameter as you've explained unfortunately. I'd start by jumping up your base position table in 0.5% increments (assuming dbw). What I look for is an idle speed that's slightly higher than my target idle speed before closed loop control will drop to the target. If you have the base position set too high then the engine will hang and not drop back to idle target at all.

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