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Starting point for VE tables

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I installed an ME442 pnp to my 99 miata 1.8l and I'm looking to get a base tune in place that will let me safely drive to my "local" dyno. It is about an hour away.

Does anyone have a decent 16x16 VE table for an NA miata they would be willing to share? Are there any decent tables generators out there?

Here is what I have done so far. I set up what I believe to be a good starting point for AFRs. I found what I believe to be the OEM timing map, and I put that in as well.

The ecu has a VE table on it, but it does not seem like a great starting point for what I need. I got the VE for idle set up quite nicely, but soon as I rev the motor it seems to go lean, very lean 16, 17, even 18. Of course this is not under load, just in my driveway, but I'm concerned lean conditions like this will do some damage if I try to run it under load for an hour on my way to the dyno.

Was there a video in the EFI or standalone tuning course that covered this?

Can you compare what you changed in the idle area relative to the provided base map? If you found that you added say 7% over a few cells. Consider just making the entire table 7% richer. Unless someone has your exact car, generally scaling a generic map will get you well enough along. I tend to work in Lambda, so you have lean values of (16/14.7 = 1.088 to 18/14.7 = 1.22) which is 8 - 22% lean, so you can could add say 10-15% VE table and certainly have a driveable car.

Ill try that.

I was also thinking the mx5 is pretty common, someone might have a decent table to share.

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