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Startup pulse width druring Lambda warm up

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Hi! Normally you gotta let the engine running for a while to get the first values of lambda, ie. the lambda sensor has to warm up in many cases. What would be a safe number to get it running safely when you have no lambda value? VE or PW in ms. Kind Regards, Luis.

That depends on on everything (fuel pressure, injector flow rate, cylinder size). That said, I find that engines often will start/run with 2-4ms of fuel pulse width. 50% VE is a good first guess.

Normally, you just put in a small value (1ms), crank the engine, if it it doesn't cough or try to start, then add 20 - 25% and try again. Doesn't take too many tries to get it at least running.

Hi David, thanks a lot for your answer!