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Steady state tuning procedure(reflash) ?

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Hello to all ,

I know stady tuning is applicable to standalone systems .

Is there any good procedure tuning reflash system yield aceptable results at load brake dyno ?

Is it enough load the vehicle to just take useful logs , reflash then do another steady state test to check the results ? Can I follow this way ?

Any suggestions or Tips ?

In a few instances you may be able to use live tuning with a reflash package, in which case the process is the same as an aftermarket standalone ECU. By far the most common process however is to rely on logging to gather data in steady state before using that data to decide on the changes that are required, making changes, and then testing again to confirm the results. If you want to learn more, our Practical Reflash Tuning course has a variety of worked examples that would allow you to watch the process being applied.

What is the engine and vehicle? Realtime tuning options are available for many stock ECU/reflash platforms.

I only know uprev , you are able to tune live !

To the best of my knowledge uprev doesn't support live tuning.