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Strange values in Ecumaster EMU Classic

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Strange VE values in ECUMaster EMU Classic..

i have some strange things with a customers EMUclassic box.

It's a turbocharged M50b30 with ID1300 3 bars base pressure.

first off VE table on idle is 86-89% and internal lambda controller stops working after 5 minutes, Restart the engine and lambda works for another 5 minutes...

Anyone had some of these issues regarding emu classic?

There's a couple of things that could affect the values in the VE table, mostly injectors characterization data. But it could also be a enrichment table that is not set properly, removing some fuel constantly.

I don't have much experience with the onboard lambda driver of the Classic so I can't really help with that. Have you tried replacing the sensor? I would contact Ecumaster directly for this issue.


As Frank suggested it seems your best move is to get the wideband fixed and then see how the engine behaves. If the wideband is having issues, you may be working off invalid data.

The VE values in low load areas are very much affected by Injector death time setting. Your calibration may be off. Operation of any Wideband sensor is affected by placement. Incorrect placement can destroy the sensor in very short time. The emu classic also needs manual setting of calibration resistor buil in the sensor. Like both Gentleman above, also i would suggest fixing your lambda at first, and revisit wirring or placement too.

post log and calibration file, so many variables that can be answered by that.

Is the IAT and map sensor connected? are using the internal map sensor?

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