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Super high idle on startup! 30 deg of advance

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I’m tuning a 97 sti on a haltech elite 1000, all sensors read correct, and base timing is set correctly. On startup it raves up to 2000-2500 rpm, crank angle on both the ecu and crank pulley read 30deg of advance. Lambda sits around 0.8. The base ignition table calls for advance of 15-20 degrees at idle and around 40degrees where the engine is currently idling. What could cause such a large compensation? When the ignition advance is locked at 0deg the engine idles around 500-600 rpm. Could this mean that I’m too rich? Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Gavin

Check the zero demand ignition angle this table is responsable for igniton advance when idle state is active

Also idle speed target may set too high

Lastly, you may have an intake manifold leak. Are all the vacuum hoses connected or plugged?

I'd check David's idea, then the throttle stop set screw, then the idle air motor. The old idle air motors on those often go bad and stick open.

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