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Syncing problem

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My setup was 4 cylinder 4 stroke no crank sensor but have only cam sensor(which is ref signal for m84 ref/sync mode 6 with 12-1 trigger pattern on cam) crank teeth No. 6(for correcting the RPM) but it wont sync.what do i missed here?

We need more information;

What ECU? (Motec m84?)

what engine?

What changed since the engine ran last?

Any other relevant history or mods?

Do you have a timing light?

Post a copy of your tune and a ref/sync capture.

It's 4efe with motec m84.

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ref/sync capture

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The scope capture looks ok to me. So what problem do you actually have? Are you seeing RPM reported in the software? Do you have spark? I have a vague recollection that the M** would always report a sync error when using a trigger mode that didnt use a separate sync sensor if the diagnostic is all you are worried about . I also have some memory that there was a minimum RPM that needed to be achieved in missing tooth mode for sync to occur, and in your case it may be quite high considering only 12T on the cam.

I also notice on HELP,they said"The minimum number of teeth is dependant on the cranking RPM of the

engine. The minimum cranking RPM for 36 teeth per rev is 100 RPM,

below this RPM the engine will not start. 36 teeth per engine rev

is the recommended minimum for general use." I'll try increasing the teeth and see what's happend

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