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Syvecs Logging

Practical Standalone Tuning

Relevant Module: Worked Examples > Syvecs S8 > Step 9: Full Power Tuning

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I have an issue and cant seem to pinpoint what I am doing wrong in my logging process. When I try to download the log off my ecu there are many .1 sec length logs and it seems no matter what settings I have in the logging functions tab in Scal, I cannot get the ecu to log longer than .1 seconds. I can include my map if needed. Thank you for the help!

You don't set up logging times etc in SCal, you set up your logging in SCfg.

Initially connect to your device and open SCfg, under Device, get config. This will get you your current logging settings, edit this file to suit.

look under 'breakpoints and thresholds', 'run time'

I understand, thank you for the clarification. I will give that a try.

After editing the config, I believe I would have to program or flash the ecu to save those settings, is this correct?

Syvecs is rather foreign compared to most options and there are 6-7 pieces of software needed to perform functions usually found in 1-2 pieces of software. My advice is give yourself lots of time, be patient with yourself. Lots of things are far from intuitive so don't beat yourself up if you can't easily figure out how to do a simple task.

Thanks Mike! I'm no professional tuner by any means but have tuned on Haltech, Holley, ecuflash and Hondata platforms. As you mentioned, those are much easier to work with.

Syvecs is pretty confusing to me as it seems there isn't much support for it (training courses for example) to understand all the different pieces of software and how they integrate with one another. I feel as if I am slowly getting the hang of it, but you are correct, patience and practice is key!

Hi Steven,

Yes, you need to program the config to the ECU after you're done.

If you need to know anything else just fire up a question. Syvecs / Life Racing ECU's are very complex but once you understand where everything is it's quite easy to navigate

Hello Chris,

I gotcha, I'll be sure to do that.

Awesome, thank you very much. I'm sure I'll be needing some more info in the near future so thank you guys for the replies!

Hi Chris,

I was finally able to get around to checking out my current config, and still am unable to log anything longer than 0.1 seconds.

I even set the 'run time' to a max value and still no change. Would it be possible for you to take a look at my current config? I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. I can compensate you if needed.

Thank you very much.

I dont do much with syvecs nowadays, but I think the info given above is wrong.

Scfg is where you set up what channels you want logged and at what frequency - and you can have different channels and rates logged for the standard, enhanced and burst/event logging. But you dont set up when logging occurs or how long it runs for in here. The "runTime" channel is just how long the engine has been running for.

The start/stop conditions for each type of log are setup in Scal as well as the overall enable and selection of basic or enhanced logging. There are the main start/stop conditions in Logging functions/datalogging, then the burst conditions one layer deeper, then there is an overall enable in the cal switch function and in IO Configuration you can also assign a pin as a Datalogging enable. Since you are getting lots of short logs my guess would be it is one of your burst logs that is being triggered. I dont remember if there is any way to tell which burst log is being triggered. I guess the other vague possibility is the logging enable pin is assigned to something that constantly turns on/off like a wheel speed sensor.

I would start by looking at the "configuration hold time" in each of the burst logging setups, this is how long the burst log records for after it is triggered. If any are set to 100ms then this would likely be the one that is causing your 0.1s logs. Im pretty sure the knock burst logger has a 100ms hold time by default.

Hi Adam,

You're completely correct, in all honesty, I've never had an issue with the length of logs so I never looked into that and always edited my logging in SCfg.

Looking in SCal under logging functions, data logging, you have start and stop thresholds, and a time-out function.

From one of my tunes I have:

DL Start engine speed - 500rpm

DL Start Throttle position - -10%

DL Start Vehicle speed - 0.0

DL stop engine speed - 0rpm

DL stop throttle position - 125%

DL stop vehicle speed - 501

DL stop time out - 5000ms

Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for the info and clarification. I was able to take a look at my burst logging thresholds and a few of them were set to 100ms. I raised a couple of them as I did not know which one was triggering the .1 sec log, to about 1000ms. I also input the settings Chris had mentioned for his tunes, and logging seems to be functioning as normal now. The dreaded .1 sec length logs are no more!

Thank you guys very much for the help, it’s a great relief I can continue on with my tuning.

The HPA forum wins again. Well done.

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