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At around minute 7:43 you discuss the process you take to determine what kind of base ignition map you start with , and that you base it off of prior experience and also inferences made by looking at the OE map. You go on to say, at around 8 minutes, that you have provided both NA and turbo ignition timing maps that should be a good starting point to get everything up and running smoothly. My question is: I have no idea where those maps are, and would be very grateful if you could point me in the direction of finding them? Having a picture, or file, of those base maps, would be a good visual aid and reference point in my studies. Thanks for the time and help, in advance!

Hi Neil, it looks like those files must have fallen off as links. They should be available directly below the video window on the website but we've had some trouble with these disappearing for no obvious reason. I'll task Taz with looking into it. Apologies for the confusion.

Could you please link me to the exact module you're referring to please?

Yes sir! here is the link:

The links to those files would help greatly in my studies and I appreciate you looking into this!

Also, while I have you on the line, I was wondering if you could answer another question I had involving VE.

Is there a way to calculate VE at a certain RPM if air flow is not known, but air pressure is? (ie. in cars that have a map sensor but no maf)

In all the examples provided in my HPA courses, along with a ton of google searches, I was never able to find a formula for this.

I have tried a myriad of possible work arounds to no avail.

Any and all advice you have will be appreciated!