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Transient throttle during Steady State Tuning Elite Series

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As I am looking at the page, I see that the transient Throttle in configured and probably activated. Am I correct in assuming that you are bringing the rpm and load up and then waiting for the transient throttle to finish its enrichment before holding the cell site with the Dyno? Also am I correct in assuming that in this scenario the Variable cam map is zero'd out (or disabled) on both intake and exhaust as we are following the process? I am in the process of tuning a g3 WRX STI fitted with a GTX35R turbo with a 1.2 bar spring. Would my goal be to use the datalogging feature in order to safely keep engine stress under control? I find it very Challenging to to hold load and rpm actively while not bouncing the accel pedal and activating the transient throttle. however if the transient throttle setting is not used, the AFR upon tip in is 7-8% lean and also does not stabilize for almost 2 seconds. What are your thoughts?

can you dumb down the sensitivity of the accel fuel it sounds like it is way to sensitive t pedal movement

the afr must have enough time to stablize and there is no way it should even be working if tuning seteady state as you foot should hardly be moving

Went into the ESP soft ware and looked at all the main setup tabs for enything with tip in parameters.

The car has been steady state tuned in open loop from 2000rpm to 6500rpm @80kpa of positive pressure. The issue now is the way the haltech works its way with enrichment using the transient throttle enrich setting as there are dbw idle parameters, decel cut, that could affect it and also o2 closed loop control as well. I stab the throttle with no transient throttle enrich and no closed loop o2 control and i get a lean spike of 1.10-1.20 lambda vs the target of .99 at idle. The lean spike is over a course of milliseconds before the fueling and wideband catch up in reading.

Turn the transient on while still in open loop i have the same lean spike but when the enrich rate kicks in, its a hefty 15-20% richer and then decays over time as it references the table and throttle position Delta and then goes back to its open loop target. Its a very strange thing even after watching the webinar you guys did. The throttle response is also not as crisp.

In response to the sensitivity it can be adjusted through a few parameters in the DBW tables and also main setup functions for transient throttle. I dimmed down the attack and decay rate and found very little help with the issues at hand.