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Hi guys.

Can transient tuning section of the course be explained a little more? I feel this section of this course was a little light on. Unfortunately hiring a track isn't an option for us privateer weekend racers and tuning on the road with a race car is almost entirely out of the question, so this leaves getting it in the ball park on the dyno followed by fine tuning the car at the next track day.

Just wondering if you experienced tuners have any rough values they use when it comes to transient tuning. Some help from you guys who tune for a living would be really appreciated. Do you have "go to" figures you use to start with? I'm sure you'd gather a database of info over the years, what particular motors like, etc?

My ECU is old and the base map is long gone, so i have to start somewhere. Below is a screenshot of each of the four maps from my old Wolf 3D V4 ECU.

Accel Enrichment Rate Load - Note load on this ecu is 0-107%, 107% being 20psi, around 39% is 0psi on the boost gauge:

Accel Enrichment Rate RPM :

Accel Enrichment Rate Engine Temp:

Accel Enrichment Rate Decay RPM:

Some insight to each of these options from someone more knowledgeable would be appreciated, especially the Decay map.