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Transient Tuning using a Dyno

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I was curious if I could conduct my transient tuning using a dyno set to let's say 2000 RPM? This seems to be how it was done in the Haltech Transient tuning webinar that Andre did recently.

My thoughts are that with the brake of the dyno it would be under load and I should still be able to feel how the engine responds during different throttle positions. This would make it possible to actively work with the laptop and also keep speeding tickets at bay.

Please let me know if this is indeed a viable way to do the transient aspect of the tuning process.



Yup, there's nothing magic about tuning transients on the road vs on a dyno, the issue is actually replicating road conditions vs physics vs vehicle configuration on a dyno. You'll have to identify and adapt your setup/methodology to your own style.

I've gotten into a routine that I feel gets me about 95% of the way there using my Dyna Packs. Your mileage may vary depending on how fiddly you're able to get with how your dyno loads.

Excellent! Thank you very much for the reply and info.



Another question. I know we have to make sure the fuel table is dialed in before doing transient tuning. I would usually do this by confirming the tune on the street. This would require pulling thr car from the dyno doing confirmation and them bringing it back to the dyno for transient tuning.

Would it be ok to do the transient tuning before pulling from the dyno and then confirming the main tune on the street?

If adjustments need to be made on the tune confirmation would that ultimately throw off the transient settings?



You would verify the fuel table using the load bearing dyno.

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