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trigger setup of LS3 engine

Practical Standalone Tuning

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I want to tune my engine with motec m84

I want to now what is the trigger setup of LS3

what ref/sync mode ?

crank ref teeth ?

tooth ratio ?

crank index position ?

can you help me to find this information

I have a late model LS engine running on an M84 with the following:

Ref/Sync Mode = 7

Crank Ref Teeth = 60

Tooth Ratio = 50

Crank Index Position (CRIP) = 80.0

Ref Sensor Type = 1

Ref Sensor Edge Polarity = 0

Sync Sensor Type = 1

Sync Trigger Edge Polarity = 1

I'm thinking the CAM signal is not stock (since stock LS engines have 4 teeth of different sizes on the cam). For the stock CAM signal, I would try Mode 17 with the above settings.

Perhaps try mode 23 if your engine has the 28 tooth crank trigger.