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Trying to get rid of Burble Tune (no more pops and bangs please!)

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Hi All,

I reviewed most of the videos but could not find any potential topics that can help with my situation.

I have an AEM Infinity 508 in my NA V6 ITB. The tuner "enabled burble tune". I desperately want to get rid of it. I have a basic understanding of how to tune on the Infinity and know "why" the car pops and bangs as far as timing retard in the deceleration areas of the map. I have managed to get rid of most of it except at initial tip in, it will still pop and bang for a few milliseconds. This only occurs at say 0-2% TPS at initial tip when the vehicle is moving. Oddly, it rarely occurs when blipping throttle from idle but can happen once in a while. I'm happy to post a log or my current tuning parameters. Just let me know what you'd like to see and I'll post it up.

Thanks for pointing me the right way!

I have full access to the AEM CAL/Tune file. I'm just out of ideas and ran out of places to look.

Try using a little more ignition advance in the tip-in area. You might also want to look at the wall-wetting tables for throttle rates experienced at tip-in.

Consider turning on "Decel Fuel Cut" (found in the Setup Wizard under Accel & Decel Fuel) to remove all fuel on overrun (save fuel, and stop burbles on decel). While in the wizard, make sure your Idle setup doesn't have the throttle position too high, causing idle control to be affecting your tip-in.

Thank you the suggestions! I reviewed the wall-wetting and not much fuel seems to be added at tip in which shows in the log as AFR seems to climb slightly at tip in. In fact those active cells in the wallwetting table is = 0. Perhaps I need to put a (-) negative value there. It just feels like a bandaid but I will give definitely give it a try. I didn't want it going too lean so this might be in the timing tables at tip in. I'll search around for those values! Thank you.

"Decel Fuel Cut" is turned on and thank god as that actually helped get rid of most of the burbles on decel but it only activates for my set 150ms upon decel. I can live with that. I also have my idle active at 1350 rpm and below so hopefully i'm not running into the idle control areas when tipping in.

It seems the problem is with my fueling and timing at tip in. I'm running on ITBs so some tip-in retard is nice to have to soften tip in a bit and reduce that initial jolt/jerk that ITBs tend to have. I'm switching to DBW in the winter just to have better throttle ramp control.

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