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Turbo afrs and timing advance

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hi andre, just completed the practical dyno tuning course and had a few questions.

I see you were running the engine richer certain parts of the map particularly high load or high rpm. I wanted to ask what sort of timing advance numbers and lambda figures i should see coming above 100kpa. Im about to tune my first vehicle and it's turbocharged so id like some numbers i should expect or should enter into my target lambda maps (i think haltech is target afr)

If it's engine or ecu specific i only ever use link or haltech and mostly will be jz engines in different varieties, 1jz 1.5jz or 2jz. Running up to about 20psi boost and 98ron fuel.

Im very confident on ecu configuration and getting the engine stayed and running just have never gone further than that myself but am hiring a dyno soon and I'm very excited to give it a crack after your course and reading some of your replies on other forum topics.

Your help is greatly appreciated and the course was great and very informative, top effort!

Check this webinar Andre done a while back on planning your AFR's on boosted applications, it should help guide you to what your asking:


Ignition is a key area of tuning, it varies from engine to engine due to various factors and therefore there is no magic number you should expect to see unless you are tuning lots of similar engines and set-ups.

My advice before taking on your first tune is to search the webinar library as all of the course content and more is expanded on in there. Have you done the fundamentals course yet?

Thanks! Yeh ive done that course.. just wanted a quick over view like as done in the course as a corse adjustment on the map tables before starting then im confident i can take it from there following andres methods..

Im assuming ill start seeing fuel wanting to go down into the 12s (afr) possibly lower as boost is wound up and the ignition coming down into around the 12 to 15 degrees range?

The webinar seems like a good place to start, im still flat out watching the boost control course at the moment. Just thought someone or andre could come in with what they expect to see at what kpa just to get me going :)

It's really not possible to give a guide as such on ignition timing since this will depend on so many different factors. Ultimately if you're on a load bearing dyno and you have knock equipment then you can find out what the engine wants. The webinar Chris has linked to will cover the AFR targets in pretty good detail.

On what gear on the dyno should we tune the ignition timing , and is it going to be the same for forced induction ?

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