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When creating a turbo base map do we still use they same principle as NA of 2% for every 10kpa and 2% for rpm as well? Just begining to tune and would to know for making basemaps. Thanks.

Hello for the na part yes I would start it safe in the boosted area and add 5 percent fuel every 20kpa and remove 2 deg of timing every 20kpa

the fuel setting is dependant on how the ECU is modeled if you are using a map that corrects the fuel map with a calculation from the afr table you may find it is a very flat fuel table and the numbers don't increase but the duty cycle does

Regards Ross

Hi Ross, Thank you for answering my question. I wanna be able to make basemaps for my buddy so we can drive the car to the dyno. We are going to be using hondata s300 for his 93 civic its a d16z6 with a turbo intalled running stock map sensor and dsm blue top injectors. Everything else pretty much stock.

But would like to learn so ican make basemaps in the future as well.