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Turbo speed sensors

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Thinking of using a Garrett turbo speed sensor.

1. Is it worth it?

2. In their instructions they vaguely mention the wiring. Am I correct in thinking that my AEM Infinity Series 5 will accommodate it?

3. Do you know what type of sensor it is? Is it VR or hall effect requiring Power, signal and ground pins? I want to allow for this in my harness build.



The sensor is the same (or very similar) as it has been used on the EFR turbos for a long time and it is hall effect, so you need to supply 5V, GND and a signal wire.

The output is a 0-5V square wave which the infinity should easily be able to use.


Hehe you're welcome.

Answer to your question 1: yes, absolutely. If I can I put a sensor in every car as it gives you great information as to where the turbo is currently operating. Also you can protect it from overspeeding.