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Turbo'd lada issues

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Hi All,

I have built a turbo charged lada niva running the standard 1.7L engine. Im having issues with getting it to ideal at a lean(14.0) AFR, and a slight hesitation under light throttle.

The details of the car so far are;

4 cylinder 1.7L

1050cc injectors

LS1 coil packs, its a even firing type

GT1752s Tubro off a Saab 9-3 running about 14.5PSI

Haltech Elite 750

Haltech Wideband O2 sensor

Cable throttle with a nissan n12 throttle body and TPS

any help or ideas would be greatly apreciated

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It's a little hard to give you a specific answer to this issue as there are a lot of potential causes. The usual issues I see that can give this sort of result are around spark energy. While normally poor spark will become more apparent at higher load, it can also cause issues at light load. I'd be confirming your spark plug condition and heat range is suitable, as well as the spark plug gap - Often reducing the plug gap can help. I'd suggest you check the dwell table to make sure this is correct for your LS coils too although this would almost certainly result in a misfire under load. Other issues that may cause your problem are mechanical - Poor valve seating just for one example. I'd recommend performing a leak down test on the engine to eliminate this as a possibility.

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