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When tuning the VE tables i have the ability to choose between MAP and TPS and was just wondering what your thoughts are on the pros and cons for each?

Cheers in advance

What engine, vehicle, modifications, ECU?

If you're dealing with an engine with a single throttle and plenum, in almost all cases you'd want to use MAP as the load axis. TPS is normally reserved for itb set ups (where it's basically essential), or alternatively in some engines that use a very aggressive cam profile TPS can give you more resolution, particularly at low rpm.


Dealing with a V twin,modifications vary can have aggressive cams etc,and its a relfash program

Andre with you saying that it easier to tune some of the more aggressive tunes with TPS compared to MAP

I attached what im talking about

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Yes, essentially that's the situation. A large cam for example can result in very limited vacuum, particularly at or close to idle. This makes it very difficult to do a good job of tuning based on MAP alone.