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ve tunning and accelcalibration

Practical Standalone Tuning

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my ecu is aem ems4 and it dint came wiht ve strategy how to calculate the actual lamda vs target lamda?

how i will set up my accel s tables?i have issues when i press the gas pedal and the most time my engine is shutoff

First you will need to measure the actual Lambda using a wideband 02 controller. When you tune your fuel table, you will decide a target Lambda (say 0.90 at wide-open throttle for a normally aspirated engine). Then you can apply the calculation with your actual and target lambdas to decide how to change the fuel table.

Acceleration enrichment first depends on having the fuel map correct. Then you can decide what areas (throttle rate in %/sec, and RPM) need help, and add some fuel to those areas. You can use your wideband O2 controller to give you a hint at how lean it goes when the throttle is applied.

Good Luck!

thank you for your respond

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