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XF Falcon TFI ignition issues

Practical Standalone Tuning

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Hey all

I have been following the worked example for a MS3 in my 86 XF Falcon. Everything tests ok as per the course, however it won’t start.

I tried to check the Base timing with a timing light, I get the dwel angle, get the Voltage readout, but I can’t check the timing. I think I’m not getting spark to cylinder 1.

Any suggestions? Have I got the ignition trigger setup wrong? Like I said, it’s a XF Falcon EFI with a Hall Effect TFI dizzy. Would love any suggestions.

Hello please share your file to see if a ms3 tuner can help

Cheers Ross

There’s the ignition settings but I’ll upload the tune file tomorrow

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Hey @ Ross

Link to Tune File is attached. As is a video of an attempted start.

There's a couple of things:

PIP Output from the TFI Module doesn't give a constant RPM. The SPOUT Output does. The Loom has been cut and shut a few times, thinking that the SPOUT is actually the PIP.

This is the normal cranking speed. Engine has a new Starter Motor from a later model Falcon which is more powerful than the XF one. Running a 730 CCA Battery. Engine has 10:1 compression and recently rebuilt.

Still can't get a timing mark from the timing light. Think there is no spark.

Can smell fuel in Engine Bay, so injectors are fueling.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello can you check for spark from the coil if you do have it there it is most likely a wiring issue. if you do have spark then check the position of the rotor in relation to the dist cap when its at top dead center it should be just leaving the number one dist post. from there adjust the base map trigger offset until it sparks on number one cylinder

Hi Ross

Thanks for your advice. Just took the plug from #1 out and nope, no spark.

Can you offer some advice? I am figuring it is more Coil related. Now every component in this engine bay is new including the coil. I am thinking that I may have wired the coil ass about.

CPU is connected to Coil Positive. Earth/noise reducer is connected to coil positive. Tach output is connected to Coil Neg. Coil and Dizzy are not connected (except by HT Lead of course). Only wires on the old TFI module that are used are Earth and PIP Signal.

sounds right?

Normally, the ignition switch would control +12V power to the coil positive, and the ECU would control the coil negative. But understand if your ECU is designed to drive an inductive coil directly, some require an external Ignitor that goes in between the ECU and the Coil negative.

Ah, I was about to ask a similar thing - some ignitions require an ignitor/exciter/amplifier to work correctly and some are external and some are inside the ECU.

I'd double check that side of it is matched correctly. I'd also check the individual parts aren't faulty, possible damaged from a mistaken setup.

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