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How do you determine cam lobe separation angle for auto or manual cars?

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Hi, i built a mostly stock 4.6 for my 99 mustang GT, only aftermarket parts are heads, cams, and it has a small bump in compression, otherwise its a stock rotating assembly.

I bought an engine from a fellow that blew it, mostly for the heads because they were in good shape, the heads had a set of Comp cams that the previous owner had no clue about the specs, i sent the grinding number to comp and they gave me the cam card. The car that had these cams was a manual car, mine is an automatic.

I talked to a guy that does custom grinds for modular engines and gave him the cam card to try and determine what these cams were grinded for, he said the lift on the exhaust side and duration looks like a cam made for forced induction, asked me about my engine specs and gave me advice on what converter stall and gears should i use, but also said that the lobe separation angle wasnt fit for an automatic car and it wouldnt work optimal on my application.

Question is, how does lsa influences wheter if its fit for a manual car or an automatic one.

If anyone wants to know, these are the specs for the Comp cams i´m running:

duration @ 234/230

Lift is .545/.495

lobe sep. 111

intake centerline is 110

Hello Rodrigo take a look at this link on setting up camshafts

it should help out jump back on here if you need more info

Regards Ross

Thank you Ross, i´ll give it a look, if i have any more doubts, can i pm you?

The engine doesn't 'know' if it is driving a amnual or automatic gearbox, so just go with the torque and power characteristics you want. Most camshaft manufacturers have good descriptions of their camshafts but, if you are still stuck, most also have technical assistance available to further advise you - BUT, make sure you know what parts you have - this includes everything engine related, transmission and gear ratios, diff' ratio, tyre size, vehicle weight, etc - what you expect to purchase if you are still sorting the package out (they may be able to advise there too) and exactly what you expect from the engine/camshaft.