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Battery relocation with FIA kill switch

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi guys, I had a quick search of the forum but couldn't see anything about this. I'm moving my battery to the cabin, and I'm using an FIA 6 pole kill switch (this will be replaced by a solid state isolator in time). I've been reading some conflicting information online about fusing the starter circuit, some people say a certain type of fuse will work, some say an inline breaker is the best option and a lot of people say you shouldn't fuse it at all. Can anybody shed some light on this for me, best practices etc. I have attached two diagrams of the ways I had considered wiring the system to see what you think, cheers.

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Layout #2 doesn't isolate the battery and alternator when I think it needs to. I would use Layout #1, but if I thought the fuse was necessary (I don't), I would put it between the FIA switch and your Bussman Relay/Fuse Panel.

It's not necessary to have the battery fused, is there any particular reason why? I would have thought it was important to have a main fuse, but I'm quite new to all this.


Because fuses protect the wire -- and battery cable is often of sufficient size that it can handle the maximum current capacity of the battery, which will eventually go down as the battery discharges.

Yes that makes sense David, thank you for the input. I will go with layout #1 and re think my fuse option.