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Bulkhead connectors - worth it for a 'street/trackday' car? - What to use...

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I am rebuilding the harness on my S14a build (SR20DET) (RHD) and have so far removed all ABS, MAF, OEM boost, Power igniter (running R8 coils) etc and with that the P/S side of the bay is quite bare with regards to wiring as the bulk of the wiring will be on the D/S.

I was contemplating running the few wires to the P/S through the OEM grommet but for the D/S of the engine I wanted to run the wires to a bulkhead connector closer to the D/S. My intention is to have the wires running behind the dash to give the engine bay a cleaner 'wire tuck' look and using a bulkhead connector to terminate at that location and the wires will have a short and hidden path to their connectors.

Is there a cost effective connector I can use? ie - I dont need to spend £150 on a tool to crimp 30-40 wires once... has anyone done something similar or have any advice? the other option is to still run the wires behind the dash but have them through a normal rubber grommet on the D/S instead or running them on p the firewall behind the engine.


There are cheaper producst on the market such as this bulkhead connector kit from Rywire (http://www.rywire.com/product-p/ry-milspec-61p-kit-15303-4.htm) however you still need the correct crimp tooling in order to use them.

If I've got the space and am OK with creating a square through hole I like Deutsch DRB series connectors, if I want a CPC/circular connector and I don't want to throw down for Autosports I'll use HDPs.

Thanks guys! I will look into those.

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