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So before I sheath my fancy tefzel coated wires, I wanted to check my grounding configuration.

ECU > Engine Block

4 x Coils > Engine Block (Same ring terminal as ECU)

Battery > Chassis (Battery is located in cabin)

Engine > Chassis (Through single ground strap)

I see here and there that it is usual to ground coils to head, am I going to cause any problems grounding to engine block instead.

Anything else to be concerned about?

G'day Tim.

What coils are you using? It is usually best to ground them to the head if possible, as if they are a 2 pin coil the secondary and primary windings are likely joined at this terminal, and by grounding to the head you give the shortest possible path for the noisy secondary winding (spark) current to flow, keeping that loop away from any other wiring, limiting possible noise issues.