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Nissan GTR R35 Ignition Coil Connectors

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I want to give the R35 GTR Ignition coils a try on a boosted Volvo 5 cylinder application and was wondering what connectors are used for the ignition coils.

Are they something available through the general sources like Mouser etc. ?

Thanks a lot in advance


G'day Christoph.

I can't help you out with a manufacturer part number unfortunately, its not a connector I know off the top of my head, but a quick google of 'Nissan R35 GTR Coil Connector' brings up plenty of options, and I would say with a bit of time and internet sleuthing you'd be able to find the manufacturer and part number :-).

Hi Zach,

yeah, already did that and normally am pretty good at it. In this case, no real success yet. But I guess I will keep on searching and if I am not successful buy a couple of sets off the smaller stores.

Seems like they are Sumitomo 6189-0779 connectors which none of the regular suppliers in the EU stocks. I may have to buy them from the UK, but lets see ;). UPDATE: Done, lets see if they are any good and genuine.

Hi Christoph,

Any hints on sourcing Sumitomo connectors in EU? I am also looking for some older Nissan OEM stuff.



Bought them here:

Price OK, shipping reasonably quick etc.

I cannot say, however, if they are genuine. They look like OEM, good quality. But you know how it is. Compared to other high res pictures online (bmotorsports e.g.) and they visually are the same. But I am not 100% sure.

It looks up to the task.