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RB 25 Neo transplant into a 280z with Link Fury

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Hi All,

Was wondering who else on this forum has done this before ? Loads of questions and researching ahead ! Does anyone have a list of which of the OEM engine and emission controls , I should retain and disregard ?



Gooday Tech crew,

Was hoping you could clarify wrt OBD2 port connection and wether I should include it into my custom ECU harness to assist with future diagnostic testing ? I doing a RB25Neo transplant into a 75 280z and I imagine my 280z is unlikely to have a OBDII port because if it’s age ?

Should I consider adding this to my harness so that I could use OBD2 port for diagnostics or if I want to transmit to a tablet using an OBD to Bluetooth or WiFi device ?

My thinking was to use CAN1 via Comm port on my Link Fury ECU to achieve this and use CAN2 on ECU B port(CAN H/L) for my GaugeART multifunction gauge ?

Does my thought process make sense or do you have a better solution ?



If you really do want an OBD2 port then it will be best to keep it on a separate CAN port than the Gaugeart gauge. The main rule with CAN bus is all devices on the bus must communicate at the same baud rate. I believe the gaugeart is hard coded for 1Mbit/s. Although some OBD2 devices can work at 1Mbit, most commonly they only support 250 or 500Kbit so you really want to keep them on separate buses to ensure they are not going to clash.

Having said that, OBD2 on an aftermarket ECU is really only any use for a basic display, OBD is too slow for logging or anything else of use and a laptop is better for actual diagnostics. It is even borderline too slow for a dash in many cases.

Thanks for your input Adam , yes I believe it far better to use the PC LINK diagnostics, it was more just building into the harness for what if’s vs configuring later .

Is there any other comm ports or harness addons recommendations I should consider for my build apart from the norm discussed in the club course ?