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RB25 harness design confirmation

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if someone can confirm my design/suggest and changes I need to make?

Attached is my layout drawings, material list with lengths and my pinout for my Ems 80 ECU.

I just want to confirm if I have missed anything that will make this harness not function (pretty sure i have ticked all the boxes), before I put it together?

Thanks Guys!

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From what I can see there it looks like you've covered everything I'd expect. The only other consideration I'd make is adding in the gauge temp and oil pressure switches for the factory dash to your engine harness and then breaking them out to the gauge cluster in the cabin for neatness.

Awesome, with yaris coil packs should I run more than one 18awg to my splice point? With my ecu I have to run a wasted spark set up and bulkiness of my harness is no issue for me, so i was thinking maybe run 3 power wires just to be safe?