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Flying lead vs "motorsport" grade

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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So I ended up getting a regular flying lead harness that is not "motorsport" quality. They make one labeled "motorsport grade" as well.. SO I reached out to the company and found out that the difference is the Tefzel wire, as well as some shielding for a few of the sensors... I am trying to construct the best quality harness that I can, but I am not sure if my needs really need this wire. If it was easy to send the harness back I would, but the postage may make it not very cost effective.. I am just wondering if I should spend the 550$ US to get the motorsport grade, or just stick with what I have .

This isn't a professional race car I am building, but I am trying to do things as best as I can.. Just curious on others opinions on what I should do?

What kind of racing do you do? Unless you are off-roading, or doing enduro races, you will likely find the conventional harness is just fine. You may be able to make that harness more "motorsport" grade just by using good sheathing (ie, DR-25) and sealing the connectors (Adhesive lined heat shrink is your friend).

Save your money and spend it on a test day at the track. Probably more reward for the dollars spent.

Agree with David here. The main advantages of the Tefzel wire would be higher temp rating (depending on what your current wire is), lighter weight and a smaller bundle size, but from your comment it sounds like these may not be big priorities to you.

You can still make a good quality and good looking harness with other common thin wall automotive wire grades.

Ok guys , thanks for the practical response. I am building a road race car , so I think it will be fine. I was planning on booting and using DR25 throughout .

One more thing I realized last night , my motec PDM flying lead is tefzel and my ECU harness is not. Will this cause any issues trying to twist it ? Or connector wise ? If not I'll just stick with what I have.

No Issues.

Get over the concentric twisting. Not needed!!!

Disclaimer, I am a novice and this is my first attempt at any form of automotive wiring.

So I was in the same position that you are now trying to find my way thru making the best possible job of the wiring harness without dropping $500+ USD on one tool sort of thing. So I went with the TXL option over Tefzel as it was a premium and I am only building a street / weekend warrior car. I opted for the best sheathing methods as I see the benefits in that along with DTM plugs for reliability. Here is some pics of the first piece of loom I made. I have also found the same with some product only being available in Tefzel so will just have to take care when I terminate it that it strips cleanly. The shielded multi core wires I couldn't source in TXL so just going to take my time and test with the multi meter to ensure the contact is good. Goodluck

Looks good. I really appreciate the advice. This is a pretty big project for me, wiring never has been my speciality.. I have built a few custom vehicles, (not efi) and fabrication is no problem but usually the wiring is a disaster..

Now I have an Emtron KV8 , Motec PDM15, and C125 Dash.. So trying to figure out how everything ties together etc is a huge task for me. I know I can do it, but just trying to work things out in my head BEFORE I start building ..

Bananaman: That looks awesome, if my work can come out like that then I will be happy !

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