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Relay planning

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I've complete both the Electrical fundamentals course and the professional wiring course but still feel that I'm lacking the knowledge of how to plan the amount and type of relays I need for any specific project.

I was hoping it would be covered more in detail.

Is there any more information or practical examples on how to do this in the Club level course? If so I may have to do that one as well. Was hoping I wouldn't need to...



There is a section that talks about the number of relays and configuration of relays for a power supply strategy.

Highly recommend getting the club sport course to fill in the blanks. This is the diagram they talk about when designing the power supply on the FD3 rx7

Just to add to this I found this webinar VERY useful since it talks about other circuits within a car that require relays too and ways to wire them.


Thank you Brian!

Will definitely watch the webinar and prepare myself mentally for taking another course!



It's a shame one can't acquire all the necessary knowledge to plan and construct a wiring harness from doing 2 out of 3 courses. I would have gotten the club day course instead of the professional motorsports if I knew...

I decided to only do the first two before deciding on the professional motorsport course. It was a decision made around tooling mainly. I understand the professional wiring course is more about high end tooling and connectors which is more than I wanted for my current project.


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