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Splicing grounds into ring terminals?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hello, I would like to know how do you splice al wires related to ground into your earth point. I´ve about 25 wires with 20 and 16 AWG going to the earth point and I dont know if splicing 3 or 4 big ring terminals with 6 or 7 wires on each terminal would be fine, or which is the best way to do this.

Thank you

Hello you will need to make multiple earth points have a watch of this subject


Regards Ross

Hello, thank you for your answer, but I esa asking about how to crimp this wires yo ring terminals without using 25 ring terminals

I lay the stripped wires parallel to each other, and combine them up to the size limit of the ring terminal. I recently did a car where I used a #4 terminal with probably a dozen 14-18 ga wires all crimped at that ring terminal. I was not able to pull out any of the wires with a tug test, so I'm pretty confident in the crimp.

I generally find anything more than about 12 tefzel wires in a single crimp looks like it starts to put more stress on the outer wires in the bundle due to the stacked diameters of the insulation on the inner wires. This effect is worse if you are using wire with thicker insulation. So your proposal of 6-7 should be totally fine - or twice that many if using thin wall insulation.

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