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Microtech lt16c in mazda rx7 13b turbo on e85

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Please please somebody help me.....I want to know how to use microtech, preferably LT16c what to look for when tuning the car, basically what are the right figures and parameters for a base time. It's a tall ask? Are you up for the challenge??

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You give the engine what it wants. Basically the HP Academy Process will produce a good tune.

Hp academy process?? What's that?

It's the process explained in the Standalone Tuning course here on HP Academy. I don't know if you have purchased the course, but it would be a good starting point to get you going.

There are also some webinars on here that outline some consideration when tuning a rotary engine. Finally, there a course on flex fuel as well to help you understand the basics of ethanol tuning.

Here is the curriculum for the Stand Alone course that shows the 10-step process for tuning a stand-alone.


I've done the efi course, you dont have a software tutorial for microtech, but do for motec and haltech, is it because you don't know how to tune a car with microtech, especially a 13b turbo motor, i want to know what number sI should be seeing when looking timing, injectors, spark, fuel and numbers that shouldn't be there. Does that make sense???

The values in the various tables of your ECU, are whatever the engine wants to have. The values for ignition timing will vary with the fuel, and mixture. Have you started with the basics -- confirm that all your sensors are calibrated and reading reasonable values? Have you verified the commanded timing (ie, the timing in the ignition table) matches the actual timing by using a timing light?

I would bet that you could start with the stock RX-7 Turbo timing map, and subtract 4-6 degrees as a safe value while you get the fueling correct.

You can probably find something to start with using the results from this google search:


You adjust the fuel table by using a wideband lambda controller / sensor to tell you if you can hit your target. You adjust the fuel table until you are getting the lamba reading that matches the target. How do you determine the target for turbo applications, here is a webinar on that topic:


Here are some rotary specific webinars that might prove helpful:


While these webinars using a different ECU (Link G4), the concepts will apply to every ECU, including your Microtech:



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