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How to duplicate injector signal to other output pin on M150

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I'm about to install an Aquamist hfs-3 water meth kit (will use 50/50) to my Motec M150 . I have water injection option in my package which I will use for adjusting the fuel and ignition and will also control it with a driver switch so as this map to be on as long as the failsafe of the aquamist controller didn't kick in. My question is I have to connect the Aquamist to the negative input of the injector, Is there a way to get that output from another pin on the Motec M150 , I want to duplicate cylinder one injector pulse on another output pin from the M150 , is it possible to do so or not, or I must tap in to the wire going to the injector. I'm new to tuning and would appreciate also any tips regarding the install of the water/meth kit.

Thank you

Why don't you just splice into the injector output? That way it is the exact signal.

I don't know what firmware package you are using, but might be able to configure an Auxilary Output table to provide a better signal to the Aquamist controller. Of course if you are building custom firmware, then better integration would be possible.

Unless you're interested in custom controls I'd just do what Aquamist recommends and just splice in to an injector out.

Thank you all for your replies, my package is John Reed package for 2jz-gte vvti . I didn't want to splice the wire if I could take exact output from another pin on the Motec M150 but since there isn't a way except with making a customized table so I would rather splice the wire than get something wrong when adding water meth with a completely new table , I'd rather leave the percentages as per the default settings of the kit.

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