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In depth Fuel Film tuning lesson?

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Is there any plan for a webinar or M1 tutorial update regarding the fine tuning of the Fuel Film modeling? Ive read the group help files on the topic but Id like to see real world implementation of the system, especially setting up the "fast part" and "slow part". Another question I have is how important is it to tune the fuel film on a secondary injector that is behind the primary injector on the inlet runner. I assume you can just rely on the primary injector to handle all fuel film requirements.


Hi Bob,

Second part of your question first. You need to tune the Fuel Film for the Secondary injectors as well, especially if you are transitioning between having them fully off and then coming in under certain load conditions. When this happens, they need to have a period of time to build up the fuel film of their own, before the engine will start seeing this delivered fuel. Another area that gets missed with the Secondary Injection is the Fuel Timing Secondary Cycle Delay (Tuning | Fuel Timing), this tells the M1 how many engine cycles (inlet valve openings) will occur between the injection pulse, and that fuel actually being combusted. This is more related to the engine operation once the Fuel Film has been formed and there is a change in the requested fuel volume, the primary injectors can be used to compensate for this delay until the Secondaries catch up.

I do believe that there is a Fuel Film webinar being done, Andre should be able to provide some more information on this.

Also interested in fuel film

Hi guys, we have two webinars scheduled - the next one is the 'quick set up' which will cover the basics of fuel film and how it works, but will focus on getting the fuel film model dialled in quickly using the fuel film scale parameter. I believe this is the technique that most tuners using M1 will likely use in their day to day tuning. For those willing to delve deeper and actually go through the process of optimising the individual fuel film parameters for a particular engine/injector/injector location, we will be running a mode in depth webinar covering this process a little later.

I recently saw there is an upcoming webinar on this and I cant wait to watch it!! I really hope you have time to go over secondary injection strategies as it relates to fuel film setup. I have a 2JZ with a Hypertune intake that uses 12 injectors so this is an important subject to me. Ive learned so much already and look forward to more M1 worked examples.


Since there wasn't really any mention of upstream secondary injection in the webinar Ill just ask here. When tuning the fuel film for the secondary injectors would it be correct to switch 100% of fueling to the secondaries and go through the tuning process for the fuel film shown in the webinar?


That is correct, you use the Secondaries in 100% operation and do the fuel film setup using only the secondaries. Once this is done, then you start working on the transient areas between the primaries and the secondaries. This is done using the Fuel Timing Secondary Cycle Delay, with this you are telling the M1 how many engine cycles it takes for the fuel being injected by the Secondaries to build the fuel film (assuming a dry inlet runner) until 100% of the combusted fuel is being delivered by the Secondaries. The M1 will progressively phase out the Primary injectors over this time so that the lambda remains as targeted.

Do you guys using a filter for the Manifold absolute pressure input? I found lambda values are more stable during stady state when I apply a small amount of filtering like 10-50ms. But the engine feels less crisp during rappid throttle change.

Did these fuel film webinars get released?

The Quick Fuel Film Setup one is No.110.

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