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M130 setup

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I’m building an air cooled 911 motor that will run ITBs and a motec m130. I want to keep the engine bay as clean as possible.

Is the m130 capable of providing good fuel control using tps as load and fuel pressure constant, no vacuum reference? I want to avoid a bunch of vacuum lines making things look messy. I’m sure it’s possible but is it the correct way of doing it?

How would I go about setting it up in the software?


Yes that will work fine. I'm actually tuning the same setup on a 911 race car this week. The issue is that you will tend to "bake in" any errors in your compensation tables (ie, the math doesn't just work 10% trim doesn't always deliver 10% more fuel at different manifold pressures). Using Closed Loop fuel (which is very good in the M130), will catch these types of errors, just don't get too concerned when you see a few % of Closed Loop Control Trim.

Personally, if it were me and I wanted a clean engine bay, I would make some carbon-fiber covers to make it look like there was no plumbing, and hide a thin machined manifold reservoir under that.

Setting up the software -- follow the steps in the course, work with your MoTeC dealer. Feel free to contact me if you aren't working with a MoTeC dealer already.

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Thanks for the info!

Sounds like the easier way is to vacuum ref. the fuel pressure. It would be easy enough to swap between the two if I’m having issues.

Thanks again and I like the idea of making some covers for the vacuum lines.