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Password, Password?

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi, Jack here.

In a bit of a dilemma here. My package is password protected and therefore not tunable. I know, I know, I should of recorded the password. Fair enough. Here is the background:

1. Received a Hayabusa Drag package from my distributor with a M130 plug and not so much play Hayabusa setup.

2. My supercharged Hayabusa had a basic tune done to it by my tuner.

3. I was using my bike for Land Speed Racing and street riding.

4. I did not realize that the package that I received did not include transients for acceleration or start.

5. I played with fuel enrichment as best I could to get it to run on the street.

6. After researching further and taking the HP Motec course I realized that I needed these tables in my package.

7. I talked to my distributor and he sent me a package that included those tables in another but similar package.

8. I attempted to access my packages but found they were locked, which I don't know why they would be but, what ever. I contacted both my tuner and distributor to get a password and they gave me what they had for passwords.

9. I attempted to use these passwords but, they did not unlock my packages.

So, I am perplexed on what to do.

My thoughts:

I believe the initial Drag package is very similar to the second package that the distributor gave me. Is is possible and prudent to try and manually copy the data from the tuned tables on to the the new package?

Your thoughts on what to do?


If you think there is some "magic" in the tuned password-protected package, then I would run it on the dyno while logging everything it can provide (hopefully you have a dash connected as much more data is sent over the CAN bus than logged at level 1 in the ECU). Or you have Level 2 logging and can control what is logged. This would allow you to capture the efficiency table and ignition timing. You could then start from scratch, or whatever package you think is best, and add some of the data from the logged data.

But before doing that, I would work with the tuner -- he likely has previously intermediate but not final versions of your package on his laptop -- those might be the best starting point. If the tuner is the one "protecting his secrets" -- then just start from scratch. It won't take long to get close to where the password protected package was.

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