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Hi all,

I'm running an M600 with dual lambdas rather than an M1 but think this is still relevant for this section. I recently had a C-5 error on lambda 1, so checked the wiring and found it all good. I decided to recalibrate the lambdas to see if that cleared the error. I pulled both out of the headers and set them to fast heat. In free air one settles at 1021 and the other 380. I've not had a chance to fire up the car as yet to check the readings but are these figures within the normal bounds of a Bosch LSU 4.9 in free air? Unfortunately neither are marked up but the original config in the M600 had one at 885 and the other at 975. Seems at least one of them is some way off its original calibration, possibly time for a new sensor?



Time for a new sensor.