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Any course coverage of closed loop idle control tuning?

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Hey there,

For context, I'm working with a very boring stock 1.6L Miata and Megasquirt3. I've gone through the Practical Standalone Tuning course as I learn my way through tuning this little toy car, but I'm looking to give closed-loop idle control a go and was wondering if that was covered anywhere in any of the HPAcademy coursework? I don't see anything, but just wanted to check.


HPA released webinar particularly on idle control with MS3 just a few days ago. I believe that is exactly what you're looking for...

BTW -- Did you look in the course for the MS3 specific worked example. There is a module on Idle Tuning in that as well:

Thank you, georg1970! I'll check it out.

David, thanks for the tip but yes I did watch that. It only briefly goes through open loop tuning.