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Data aquisition how to connect,sensors and how to avoid inaccuracies

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Have you done or are you doing a webinar on how to connect the data acquisition systems to the car from the dyno to get accurate logging etc?and anything to watch out for, preffered sensors, aquisition systems and tricks?

Regards Nick

Hi Nick,

The minimal tools required are covered in this article that Andre wrote:


There is a webinar archive that you can access as a member found here, it has every one that they've done so there's lots to look through:


Sensor choice purely depends on what it is you're wanting to monitor, if it's for R&D purposes then you'll want as much data as possible, you should look for something that you can record at as high a rate as possible to ensure that you don't miss anything but in a normal situation on the dyno I have; Wideband, MAP and Knock monitored, where possible I also include fuel pressure and EGT.

Then there's also all the sensors in the ECU monitoring everything the customer wishes, these would include, RPM, throttle position, temperatures for intake air, coolant, oil, fuel, exhaust gases, pressures for manifold, fuel, oil, even water and exhaust. You can also measure G-forces, YAW rates in some ECU's and GPS position (not very helpful on the dyno but golden on the track) just to name a few.

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